Naturopathy / Nutrition

Have you seen a Naturopath in the past, and come out with a bag of products to take as long as a shopping list?  My approach is definitely ‘less is more’ when it comes to supplementation. I feel passionately about combining both science and traditional practices to approach each person from a truly holistic perspective. This means I can create a protocol that brings in all of the senses, and the whole mind-body complex. My belief is that much of our ‘dis-ease’ is multi-factorial, and should be treated as such.  We live in a modern age where it is so easy to become disconnected from our physical bodies, and it is my mission to help you find your way back to the best version of yourself.

Each consultation is unique depending on your particular needs, but typically include Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, lifestyle advice and blood test analysis. Sessions may also incorporate flower essences, energetic balancing and physical assessments where appropriate. In short, I strive to offer affordable and practical treatments to suit you and your health needs. Epigenetic profiling is an element that can be incorporated into your consults to help achieve your health goals ~ contact me to learn more about this cutting edge technology.

What conditions can be supported with naturopathy?

Due to the nature of holistic treatment, an endless range of health concerns can benefit. The different elements of the service I offer have shown to be effective in supporting people of all ages for both acute and chronic illnesses, ranging from:

Nutrition & epigenetics

There are so many opposing views now on the ‘right type of diet’ – paleo, vegan, keto – which leaves so many asking, which is the right one? The answer is none of them! At least not for everyone.

We can tell just by looking at each other that we are different.  That’s because of our genes and how they respond to our environment.  For each of us, how we developed in utero is unique, and our dominating hormones influence how we think, behave and move in the world. By measuring the outside structures of the body we can see what the dominating hormones are for each person and discover their health type. For example, people who are short in stature with curly hair & longer ring fingers than index fingers are naturally high in testosterone.  This makes them high energy and competitive, with a short digestive tract and a tendency towards high inflammation.  Their dietary needs AND timing of meals will be completely different to a health type that is taller with a larger bone structure and long digestive tract.  By taking an approach like this to the overall health of each person, nutrition is highly personalised and specific to YOUR body, health goals and even where you live in the world.  


Using epigenetics is a life changing way to start to solve niggling health, hormone or weight issues that you are finding difficult to change.  If you have tried many approaches and found your body doesn’t respond in the way you hoped, then epigenetics is the answer for you. 

As a nutritionist I can provide rebates for private health funds that accept claims for nutrition.  Sessions can incorporate meal planning & recipes, and specific diets to suit allergies, intolerances and lifestyle choices in a judgement free and support way. 

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Start feeling better

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