Herbal/energy bodywork & steaming

Bodywork is the use of traditional healing methods & systems to support overall balance of the body. Throughout the course of 20 years I have travelled and studied worldwide, learning methods of developing intuition to provide energetic balancing, using herbs topically as compresses, oils, soaks and steams.  I also trained as a BodyTalk practitioner to use muscle checking and tapping to address stuck emotions and body symptoms.

My sessions are relaxing and nourishing, gently stimulating your body’s own innate healing response in a calm and safe environment.

Herbal body treatments

As the skin is the largest organ, body treatments mean the bypassing of the digestive system effectively delivers the healing properties from a plant directly into the body to achieve desired results. 

This may be done with various herbal infused compresses or oils – I create individualised body treatments (we can discuss what would suit you best prior to or during your session).  Plant medicine works not only on the physical, but the emotional state of a person, so by applying plants in a conscious way we encourage the body to ‘let go’.  In doing this the nervous system relaxes, and a clearing of old belief systems, emotional blockages & patterns of behaviour can occur.  The very state of release allows us to ‘see our reality’ and effectively release what no longer serves us.  The power of plants is subtle yet very powerful.

What does a herbal body session look like?

Sessions may be part of your Naturopathy consult or booked as a separate appointment. Treatments include herbal belly compresses/wraps, castor oil packing or herbal oil applications.  

For example, a common treatment incorporates traditionally calming herbs, made into a compress and applied to the belly.  A heat pack and tummy wrapping follows using fabrics.  Then the whole body is wrapped up if desired, to create a sensory experience that is calming and relaxing. 

I welcome messages or a free discovery call to find out what is the right type of treatment for you!

Herbal treatments can help with one or more of the following:

Pelvic steaming

Pelvic, or ‘Yoni’ steaming has been used in traditional societies for many women worldwide – and is done by gently steaming the perineal/vaginal tissue by sitting on a specially designed stool. Herbs are selected to suit your health needs, and are added to the steam pot. Sessions are done with care for your modesty – you are covered up from the waist down & left to relax, sip tea & read or listen to music during your session. Steaming helps to soften & nourish the tissue, improving blood & lymphatic flow to reduce stagnation in the pelvic cavity. It is a very pleasant and comfortable experience – the steam is warm but not hot! Yoni steaming is an optional part of my abdominal massage sessions.  It is also available as a stand alone session, which goes for 60 minutes for a new patient.

How can yoni steaming benefit you?

When would steaming be unsuitable?

Energetic Healing

Energy work has been a part of my work and my life for over 20 years, and I have collected various methods of healing that are all mixed up together to provide an intuitive approach to my sessions!  I am trained in Reiki, the traditional Japanese method of healing, and bring this in to all my work, during massage, and throughout my work in some capacity. Reiki is the channelling of ‘ki’ or the life force through the practitioner and into the recipient to bring about positive change.  


BodyTalk is a healthcare system designed to address imbalances in the physical, emotions or the environment.

Stress can overload our energetic circuits, causing them to fail or become compromised, like plugging too many appliances into an outlet and tripping a circuit breaker in your home. You have blown a fuse and need to reset it, but often times the body needs help to do this. Without it, the body may continue to function in a less than ideal state.

During sessions I work from a chart to access the energetic frequencies and gain information needed, then use tapping techniques to help move and release what is no longer appropriate by the individual for their best health.

Flower essences

Flower essences are a huge part of my practice – using muscle checking techniques I select an individually tailored blend from the Heart Radiance range, lovingly created just outside Brisbane and very close to my practice. I find this combination to be extremely powerful yet gentle, and use them for all ages due to their efficacy and safety for everyone from birth and up. Flower essences can be made up in a dropper bottle, spray mist, or a cream for rubbing on the body.

Treat someone special

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