Connect, understand & nurture
your body through perimenopause.

I created this 8-part online course just for you!  

I know from personal experience that perimenopause can feel overwhelming, lonely and challenging. 

During this course I will teach you simple day to day practices that connect you to your own unique journey, so you can find optimal balance for your emotional & physical health during perimenopause.  

Using science & tradition combined, learn from an experienced women’s practitioner – no more researching & interpreting information from unqualified sources.

This course is perfect for you if…

You have endured or ignored symptoms for too long – period pain, disrupted cycles & moods, feeling ‘hormonal’, low in energy, unhealthy weight range, sexual health changes, hot flushes or poor sleep.

You’ve had blood tests and told they are ‘fine’, but know something feels wrong.

You feel disconnected, lost and overwhelmed with the amount of information and how to navigate this time of life.

You are in your perimenopause & feel ready to understand why this is a time to reclaim your vitality & power.

You crave connection back to your best self, but need guidance and support.

You are busy, and want straightforward and practical ways to be supported through your perimenopause & beyond.

You are interested in learning natural approaches to managing your health.

You are ready to feel more balanced, energised, vital & in your own healthy weight range

You will learn...

How to notice & improve your own unique body messages.

Understanding how your changing hormones affect your mind & body.

Practical ways to effectively manage stress, tension & sleep quality.

Learning about the natural rhythms of the ‘Maga’ (perimenopause) phase.

Foods, cleansing & plant medicines for emotional, weight & general balance.

Simple home remedies & treatments to manage common symptoms.

Vaginal & sexual wellness – symptoms, treatments & libido support. 

Safe & effective doses of supplements, herbs & nutrients.

8 weeks, 8 modules


Tuning in

How to chart all aspects of your cycles & symptoms so you really get to know your body. 

Exploring work-life balance with a creative activity, and how your environment may be disrupting your hormones.

Week 2

Making space

3 day cleanse with recipe book & shopping list. 

Hormone happy foods, how to interpret blood flow signs, and using the right home remedies to improve them.

The roles of changing hormones on health & why specific symptoms come up. 

Week 3


Exploring helpful stress remedies, blood sugars,  hormone balancing & abdominal weight gain.

Interpreting blood tests including thyroid, PLUS a handy download cheat sheet to check your own test results.

Week 4

Gut health

Gut & liver health, interpreting & fixing symptoms with foods, pantry herbs & spices.

How medications affect the gut, & feeding your microbiome with key foods.

Week 5

Emotional work

Exploring emotions including perimenopausal anger.  Finding balance in our changing inner world. 

Chakra balancing with colour, oils & food.

Tapping method tutorial, & understanding the meanings behind cravings.

Week 6

Nature's rhythms

Learning cyclical living for your inner world, & how navigating the Maga phase is a barometer for your overall health. 

Removing the stigma – understanding how all your relationships are affected by this new internal life phase. 

Week 7

Common symptoms

Addressing migraines, sleep disturbance, memory, moods, hot flushes & pain.

Understanding the mechanisms behind symptoms & providing practical methods to reduce them. 


Week 8

Skin, joints & sexual health

Effectively using herbs, oils, foods, salts, home remedies & supplements to support skin, joint & vaginal health to avoid pain & discomfort. 

How to effectively boost your vitality (and how to dose so it works!)

"Really looking forward to celebrating & honouring my journey, what a beautiful course!"

Jess Curtin, WA

You receive...

8 week online
with lifetime access – do at your own pace.

3 x weekly
delivering your content.

Nourishing 3 day reset plan with recipes.

Beautifully designed
workbook f
or quick reference of all key information.

4 hours of video/audio to listen in your own preferred way.

Blood test
cheat sheets
to check your own results for optimal ranges.

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Meet Mikaela Duffy

Hi & welcome! I’m a degree trained Naturopath & Nutritionist, and have been in clinical practice for 15 years. My passion is working with women and girls’ hormone and period health, and now that I am in my own menopause I fully understand and appreciate the challenges of the journey & how there is a lack of information out there for women, providing them with the help they need.  

I created this course out of the desire to help women feel empowered & informed in their own menopause journey, and to help break down the stigma and fear that is often attached to this aspect of life.

My aim is to help people like myself to improve their energy, quality of life and hormone health by connecting back to their bodies & inner wisdom.  

I wrote this course to help you benefit from my 20 years of working and studying women’s health, to bring you the important aspects in a really practical way, allowing you to become the expert in your own body. We all need to be empowered by knowing this information! I hope you find it radically changes your life like it continues to support mine.

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